Stompai - DoubleKick - Triple Action - 3 In 1 Smart music tool - Percussion Stompbox - Intuitive Metronome - AI Drummer - Looper
How to setup Stompai?
Install App on your phone
Get your Doublekick
Place it on your foot
You are ready to rock!
Stompai - 3 IN 1 MUSIC TOOL
  • DoubleKick percussion instrument
  • Most Intuitive Metronome in the world
  • Looper & Repeater
Stomp Velocity + AWESOME EFFECTS! Hats/Kicks/Snares/Tamobourines and many others. Reverb + Echo + Time Delay + new features on the way!!!
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Transform your phone to AI powered Foot Drum
App Features
Pick your option for heel and toe
Pick your favorite Kicks, Snares, Claps, Tambourines, Cowbells, and many other!!!
Change between sounds with just a swipe of your finger.
Velocity sensitive
The sound volume adjusted based on the speed of your stomp!
Built-in Reverb/Echo
Sound options are under the volume icon for toe/heel motions! Look for juice!